HOW Do you Get Ratking ($RK) Tokens?

Ratking tokens will be distributed along with ØḼ᷈ḏḠranpa’s_Garage NFT drop (LIVE!). Each NFT will include a random amount of tokens 50-100 Billion with each NFT. $RK policy is now locked permanently. 10% Has been burned.

Policy ID: c45cbb33572ab2e9ca296bdf426e0a97187a00ecc8287fa1c3ca2e5d

ØḼ᷈ḏḠranpa’s_Pinups (Secondary Markets Only)
Potential for Utility: At this moment there is little to no utility or value to $RK tokens, however, a pre-seed NFT gaming concept is in early early stages. Please email team@pinup.gallery for details or join or discord for more info on potential funding and prototype developments that we hope to bring to fruition in the near future. [https://PaWGZ.io]
[Now MINTING, 50-100 Billion $RK tokens with each NFT mint]
[Minting Now! Pinup.gallery]
https://pinup.gallery [NOW MINTING: 50-100 billion $RK with each mint]
Provisional Token Distribution | Policy ID: c45cbb33572ab2e9ca296bdf426e0a97187a00ecc8287fa1c3ca2e5d